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Anonymous Tribute sent by an Old Boy

Posted by StephenRBeet on April 7, 2012 at 12:45 AM

  I've just received this tribute by e-mail from an old boy who asked me to post it on his behalf:   

                                   A Great Man I shall Never Forget

   It had been a long time since I had thought about the Vic until this site was set up some months ago.  At first I was reluctant to contribute because I didn’t want to re-visit past memories.  After all, what did it matter what happened thirty years ago.  And then I realised why this was so.   I was lying in bed and I suddenly admitted to myself why I had been reluctant to contribute.  It was because I believe I have let the Vicar down in my life since he died, and I did not want to admit this to myself.  I’d even persuaded myself that the past was some sort of dream: surely no man could have been so great and spiritual as he was.  Surely no-one could have believed in us in such a way as he did. And it did not matter if we let such a man as this down.  And as the years passed, it became easier to believe this.  I’d even forgotten what I’d promised him before he died.


     But then, when I read the other contributionsto the site, all the memories came flooding back.  And then last month some soundfiles were posted of the camps and OMG!  I was listening to them with my wife, and trying to explain why the Vic had been so important.  Somehow, I couldn’t even explain.  Then I heard the Vic’s voice again after all these years and just burst into tears.  I was transported back to a teenage boy and I was crying like a child.

    I’m sure this site will help other people too and I just want to remind them what the Vicar meant to us all those years ago, in case they have forgotten also.  I’m sure we’ve all let him down, but I’m  sure too that he would understand why.  And I’m now wondering how I can make it all up to him again.



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